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It may be getting colder and the quirky London summer events have drawn to a close but that is no reason to stay in. We've compiled a short list for you to earn brownie points with your loved one using these impressive and original cosy date ideas. 

Queen of Hoxton  - The famous London rooftop bar has transformed for Winter into a woodland theme, complete with open fire and cosy indoor candlelit ‘Wigwambam’. With a daily winter BBQ at more than reasonable prices (£5.50-£7.50!) and a range of mouth watering drinks such as Hot Buttered Rum (yum) and Egg Snog, we literally couldn’t fault this venue as a date idea this Winter!

ChoccyWoccyDooDah Why not take a look at the remarkable chocolate creations on show, they really are out of this world! The café also does one of the best hot chocolates in London which makes it a great cosy and relaxed date idea.

Winterville - The newest winter activity area comes to Victoria Park, East London. There are plenty of things to do such as ice skating, roller disco, clubs, food, drink, and a hot cider bar! It is open from 2nd December – 1st January.

The Disappearing Dining Club – London is undoubtedly full of secrets, but look and you shall find! The disappearing dining club turns diners into excited, giddy children as you find yourself climbing down a secret stairway behind a curtain in the back of a Brick Lane clothes store to ‘Back in 5 Mins’ the clubs pop up restaurant.

Drink Shop Do  It’s basically a kids club for adults. Bring your date along to an evening of drinks and papier mache, lego robot making, or decorating biscuits to look like Lionel Richie and you are set up for a worthwhile bonding session. The activities vary daily but most favourites are re-run every couple of weeks. 

William Curley – Try something different and take your date to a luxurious dessert bar where you are served 5 different courses of melt in your mouth desserts and they also have champagne as an optional accompaniment. This is a definite winner.

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Traditional matchmaking has been a part of many cultures for years and not just by people with an official ‘matchmaker’ title. As time has gone on Matchmakers still exist in families, friends, co-workers. With technology shaping the way we form love today, prides itself as one of few platforms that brings matchmaking to the online world letting somebody help select and set up matches for someone they know. 

We were thrilled to be featured on PSFK last week. Have a read of the article here: encourages singles’ nearest and dearest to help them find love

Writing an online dating profile is up there with updating your CV as one of the most off-putting tasks ever. Finding a photo of yourself that ‘sends the right message’ as well as nailing the perfect slogan to sum up your personality can make joining a convent look like appealing.

A new site promises to take the pain out of online dating, by letting matchmakers set up their friends, family and even co-workers on the platform. is a London-based dating service that launches this week, which lets people help others find love.

Unlike most dating sites which are created for single people, is designed for matchmakers. In a release, Founder Rachael Wardle explains:

We want to reach out to people across the world who would like to play Matchmaker and help someone find love. We all know someone who would like to find love, and datemy has been set up to do just that.

The site was inspired by a personal story of single parent matchmaking and Wardle’s once single widowed dad. She explains:

In the beginning we set out to become the home of matchmaking for single parents, but the reactions eventually shaped what is today. People wanted to sign their sister up or their friend, not just a parent. Our unique features like Matchmaker Requests and Blind date invitations make it a fun and personal experience for the Matchmaker and their single person.

Together with her team, Wardle spent nearly a year developing the concept, which included a successful crowdfunding campaign. From this week, people will be able to set up friends and family members who are struggling to meet someone or who have had enough of conventional online dating.

Matchmakers will not only write the profiles for their friends, they can also seek out suitors, send messages and even set up blind dates. It takes the hassle out of traditional online dating and lets the single person benefit from their friend or family member’s good taste.

To celebrate the platform launch, is releasing “gifts of love” attached to balloons across London this week. People who find a gift can scan the QR code to watch the launch video, which celebrates the importance of matchmakers.

For people who want to play cupid for friends and family, is offering free subscriptions for single members until January.

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We were thrilled to be featured in the Evening Standard this week! Some lovely profiles have been added. Thanks to all of the Matchmakers out there!

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This month we're thrilled to have Matchmaker of the Year, Caroline Brealey explain why friends make perfect Matchmakers.

Why Friends Make Excellent Matchmakers

As a professional matchmaker myself perhaps I’m doing myself out of a job by saying this, but your friends can really be the very best matchmaker for you. Here’s why -

They know when you say one thing but mean another

Like when you say ‘no way would I spend my Saturday nights in watching Strictly Come Dancing’. But your friends know you better than that. They know you love it but just don’t want to fess up.

Same goes for dating. We often say he/she MUST have this and MUST look like that. Friends can see right through it. They’ve seen you when you’re vulnerable, perhaps when you’ve been broken hearted or riding high on the waves of love. They know what is truly important to you and a good friend can read you like a well loved book!

Shared values

Given you are friends it’s a pretty safe bet to say you share similar values and outlooks on life. You might not agree on everything but you probably have a similar way of thinking or if you don’t, you are open minded enough to accept different opinions.

In terms of compatibility, shared values are right up there. They are needed for a healthy relationship to grow. For example if you feel strongly about the importance of education and enjoy continued learning and development you probably aren’t going to connect on a deeper level with someone who thinks education is a waste of time. You see where I’m coming from?

Because we tend to mix with others who share similar values to ourselves, your friends will likely know plenty of other singles on your wavelength.

Friends know you inside out

They know how you take your tea, where you like to holiday, what makes you grumpy and what keeps you laughing till you’re blue in your face. They know you. They know who you will get on with and who you won’t. They aren’t going to set you up with someone they think you’re going to dislike, well, if they’re a good friend they won’t! The best thing you can do is trust your friend that they will introduce you to people they genuinely think you would like to meet, the rest is down to you.

They have your best interest at heart

Friends want to see you happy and that’s why they are the perfect matchmaker. They may not always get it right (even the professionals don’t!) but they will put their heart and soul into it. A true friend will take to the task of matchmaking you like a duck to water. Of course if they do successfully match you, you won’t have a choice on who the bridesmaid/best man will be!

They will ‘champion you’ from the heart

We all need someone who will big us up. Someone who will say how amazing we are and why someone would be a Grade A fool for not going on a date with us. Friends are that champion. They know how amazing you are and when they’re telling their friends about you that will shine through.

I’m a firm believer that you have to be pro active in finding love. Sure there are the lucky ones who lock eyes over a crowded room or who get chatting when sat next to one another on a train. That’s great, but sometimes you have to take things into your own hands – or your friends. Get them on board and allow them to play cupid. You never know, they might just find the one for you!


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We’re firm believers in the gift of love and as a treat we’re giving two lucky members the chance to win a Dating coaching session with the UK's top Dating Coach, James Preece.  He'll make sure you or your Matchmaker has written a fantastic attention grabbing profile and that you have an amazing photo.  You'll learn the secret of writing messages that get replies and how to use for maximum results.

As well as this, James will work with you to make sure you are ready to go out dating and answer any dating questions you may have. These sessions are normally £125 each.



To enter all you need to do is email us at with the correct answer to the below question, with your full name. If you’re a datemy Matchmaker you can enter to win for your single person!

In which film does Will Smith star as the “Date Doctor”? 

A) Men in Black
B) Hitch
C) Parent Trap 

The competition closes on Tuesday 3rd February at 09.00am, just in time for any pre Valentines coaching! The two winners will be selected at random, and contacted within 3 working days to arrange the prize.

Christmas Gift

Exclusively for, James Preece is offering his coaching sessions at a discount, so if you’d like to treat someone you know to a dating coaching session with the expert himself then please get in touch at

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