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We treated two single members from to a romantic date night! Who were the lucky pair? 

Paul, 58 from Kent was signed up to Date My by his daughter, Nixalina. Like most of our fellow Matchmakers on Date My, Nixalina chose some matches for her dad, eventually selecting her favourite, which was Irene. Nixalina is no amateur when it comes to this topic, she has her own dating and relationship lifestyle blog so we were excited to see how she got on playing Matchmaker...

Paul & Irene are both divorced and shared similar apprehensions about going on a date. Dating can be a nerve racking thing, epecially if you're out of practice. Irene said, “I was so nervy as had not had a date in 4 months, since a 2 year relationship. I was very apprehensive about this as I was lied to by my ex with other women on dating sites, and I mean women!”

Paul also had his own hesitations when it came to the date. He was a little apprehensive about being set up on a date by his daughter. Paul said, "I must admit, I was in two minds about a daughter's view and her taste in selecting a suitable blind date for her father, but Renee was an absolute joy."


The Date

It's safe to say Nixalina did a great matchmaking job! The pair enjoyed a lunch at The Bickley in Kent. 

Here's what Irene had to say about her date with Paul.

"Paul was lovely! Very engaging and not a minute of silence! We left after 3 hours so pretty good going! We chatted about our family, what we want now from life and connected well! He bought flowers and put his arm around me several times which was endearing. We’ve said we will mull over the date and keep in touch! He text me last night after the date and was really happy I showed up and was good company. I would have liked a comment on how I looked (dressed) and if he thought I was easy on the eye! Just a woman thing! He normally goes for women a little taller than me as he is 6’2 A big man!! I'm only 5’3”

It sounds as though the feeling was mutual with Paul not short of compliments for Irene, "I found Rene warm hearted, engaging with a zest for life. There was never a break in our conversation or loss of things to say during this exchange of experiences and personalities. 3 hours slipped away that seemed like just an hour. I would very much like to meet her again and obviously feels that she would like to do the same.

What a hit! It just goes to show putting your loved life into someone else's hands really does work. It's early days but we hope Paul & Irene see each other again. 

If you're hesitant to try online dating, Date My can help break down those apprehensions for you. As kindly put by Paul himself.

“I would just like to add that I think the concept of Date My is a simple, but brilliant approach. There is something accepting from a parent's point of view when their offspring have got the parents interests and happiness at heart. And if the relationship developed and had started with the "kids" involvement, then it is one less hurdle to overcome progressing from there.”

Couldn't have said it better ourselves!

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We were featured in Female First this week with our Top 10 reasons to get your Single dad a date this Father's day. Because actually whether it's Father's day or his Birthday, it can be quite tough finding a great gift for your dad. Doesn't he have enough slippers from last Christmas?! 

For those of you with single dads, the chances are you're feeling a little responsible for his happiness. Whether you were raised solely by him, or if he's newly single, you have a lot to be thankful for. Father's day is a great excuse to treat your single dad. It is after all a day that was established in honour of a father who raised 6 children as a single dad!

There are over 2 million single dads in the UK, and in London, 20,000 dads are the main carers for their children. 

So what is an ideal gift for a single dad? 

Your dad might find the idea of dating daunting. What if you could take his love life into your own hands? No one knows him better than you do. A date is the perfect Father's day gift and here are top 10 reasons why you should get your single dad a date this Father's Day.

Saves him time

Dads are busy people. Golf takes up a lot of time. A common reason for being single is not having enough time to date. Online dating has made this easier for a lot of people, with the prospect of a date just a few clicks away. However, it can still feel like a chore. You can do all of the hard work for your dad; all they have to do is turn up!

Shows You Care

Whether you're signing your dad up to Date My, or setting him up with someone offline, you'll get the chance to champion your dad and share with others the things you love about him. This beats a, "Thanks for being the best dad" mug, don't you think?

It's thoughtful & unique

A lot of thought goes behind setting up a date. You have to find a suitable match, think of a date idea and the best thing is he won't be expecting it.

Gives him a nudge

Your dad might be in a bit of a dating rut. There are endless excuses that can stop someone proactively dating and it's easy to fall into this rut. The hard part is getting out of it. That's where you come in. If your dad isn't actively dating, you can point him in the right direction with a little gentle persuasion!

It could lead to love

You might think slippers are timeless, but imagine if you found your dads future partner? This is the Father's Day gift that keeps on giving.

Builds Self Esteem

Even if you don't find him the one, the date you put your dad on will be great practice. The expectation of a date can be quite nerve racking, and the longer they put it off the worse that fear gets. This isn't the case for everyone, but giving your dad a nudge in the right direction is bound to do wonders for his self-esteem.

Better than a tie

Did you know the most popular Father's Day gift is a Tie!? Time to think outside the box a bit, he'll be grateful for it.

Shift his mind-set

Reminding your dad how great it is to be dating, rather than the negatives can help shift his mind-set completely. If he's actively dating and putting himself out there, he's more likely to meet someone just by being more approachable. So, even if he doesn't click with someone you've found, you may have created a lot more options for him, just by putting the wheels in motion.

A treat

A date can really feel like a treat, and your dad deserves one.

Make him feel special 

Finding your dad a date shows you care about his happiness. Flattery goes a long way and the chances are the nice things you say about him will make him feel great and ready to brave a date.

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London comes alive at Summer and there's no shortage of things to do. Although it seems like this rain is relentless and will never end, here are 10 great ideas to enjoy on a date or with friends. The best thing is some of these events are completely free! 

1. Pop Fields Brixton

This summer is one for the sporting lovers. Pop Fields opens this weekend at Pop in Brixton and will be screening all the events, like Wimbledon - outdoors. As well as watching you can also play in the grounds they've created. Otherwise sit and soak up the atmosphere with food and music being a major highlight also.

2. Sunset Safari at London Zoo

London Zoo have created a safari adventure which takes place as the sun goes down. They can't promise an African sunset, but what there will be is face painting, festival fun and music, not forgetting animals.

3. Birdies Crazy Golf

9 hole crazy golf takes to the heights of Roof East this summer. As well as half pipes, loops and hole in ones, there will be cocktails from Spirited Mixers, and hot dogs from RockaDollar Dogs. Perfect double date activity.

4. Sky Garden

Did you know it’s completely free to get up to Sky Garden and have a wander around?! With arguably the best views across London, visit at night for a romantic evening. 

5. The Scoop

The Scoop at More London stages events all year round in it's 1,000 person sunken amphitheatre. The best part is all events are completey free to watch, so you can treat someone special (or be treated!) to dinner after the show.

6. Greenwich + Docklands International Festival

Head to East & South East London for art installations, street theatre, cabaret, dance acts and music events in various parts of the Greenwich and Docklands areas. The event is completely free!

7. Somerset House

The Summer Series at the iconic London Somerset House returns with a great line-up of acts, with favourites as well as newly emerging Artists. Tickets start at £29.50.

8. Open Garden Squares Weekend

From the 18th - 19th of June, 200 gardens across London will be open to the public, from traditional squares to roof terraces, as well as gardens belonging to historic buildings. 138 of the gardens are usually closed to the public so it's time to feed your curiosity! Tickets are on sale now for £12.

9. Urban Food Festival

Every Saturday Shoreditch Euro Car Park is transformed into a food-focused market festival which features 15 different food stalls weekly. Dishes from all over the world are served, as well as great music and vintage furniture stalls.

10. Lambeth Country Show

Entry into this annual country show is completely free. There is live music on two stages, sheep rearing, an array of delcious food stalls and not forgettting the vegetable sculpture competition! 

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What is it about summer and love? Off the top of your head, you could probably think of 3 songs written about it. Summer of love, Summer of 69, Summer Nights. ;)

When the sunshine hits London or anywhere else in England people emerge out of the darkness as if they’ve been in hibernation. Not just hibernation in the sense of hiding from the cold, but literally hiding from dating prospects. The mood changes and suddenly we’re feeling more approachable. You’d think this would harbor more relationships, but in fact, it’s the opposite.

If we get into the boring stats, which actually aren’t boring they’re pretty interesting…according to our friends over at Facebook, (who obviously know a thing or two about our relationship status) across all age groups, the summer months are bad news for relationships. This means that there is no rise in budding relationships. Mainly because people are too busy having flings and enjoying the summer fun. And if you’re interested, the highest point of relationships is around February. Guesses as to why on a postcard.

So for those of you single this summer and about to set sail to more tropical escapes let’s set some ground rules. Most people who want a summer romance aren’t in the market for a relationship anytime soon.

  1.  1. Don’t get too involved

Ok, this is a tricky one. A lot of marriages and relationships have obviously sprung from holiday romances. But a lot of them haven’t, and this is because of the holiday mindset. There is always an end point and chances are you’re both aware of the shelf life. A carefree approach will help whatever happens.

  1.  2. Don’t expect it to happen

If you set your heart on a steamy holiday romance and it doesn’t happen, you’ll only come home disappointed. If you’re single, holidays aren’t all about searching for a fling of course. Enjoy some me time and the fling will come to you.

  1.  3. You have to be single


  1.  4. Cut ties

Unless there really is a future in it, do you really want to be Facebook friends? It’s far more romantic to part ways and flies off into the distance with an air of mystery.

  1.  5. Don’t talk seriously

       It’s good to get to know someone but do they really need your family history? No talks about the future, commitment or your past. This is an opportunity to be light hearted and talk about surface level things.


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I want to match my single flat mate


If you are here, it shows you are concerned and you care. This a very nice and novel thought that you want to find a date for your single flatmate.


Finding a date for your single flatmate can be a tedious task but you can do it very well because you know your flatmate more than anyone else. And here at datemy, we have made it even easier. Follow these simple steps and help your single flatmate find the right date.


1. Talk to your single flatmate

2. Together, create a profile on datemy

3. Login, and select the right subscription

4. Browser through the profiles based on your preferences

5. Once you find a match, share it with your single flatmate

6. Setup date and be the matchmaker. There can never be a better feeling than this.


Happy Matchmaking!

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