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A bunch of flowers and a card are compulsory Mother’s Day staples. And we’re sure mum’s worldwide appreciate them (whether it’s a special occasion or just because). As nice as it is to be the sole receiver of a mum’s love, a life-changing gift could be to give her the opportunity to love someone else. After all it could last longer than a bunch of flowers!

Become a Matchmaker for your single mum

Sign yourself up as a Matchmaker on Date My and start the hunt on her behalf. Online dating can be pretty daunting to the technophobes and the Internet savvy alike. Often that fear can be minimised with some encouraging words and a push in the right direction. If you think you could find a wonderful partner, or at least some interesting dates for your mum, then can help you make it simple and safe.

How does Date My work?

As a Matchmaker you sign up on our homepage and choose who it is you’re wanting to match make for (you can even match make for multiple people!) in this case click ‘mum’. Then fill out some of your details and some of her details. You can upload a photo and write a few words about your single mum and then you can search for potential matches. Your mum's profile won’t be visible to others until she approves it, so don’t worry about her being miffed with you for setting it up!

Your mum isn’t obligated; it’s her choice to subscribe!

You find the matches and vet them, because let’s face it, who is going to do a better job than you? You care most about your mum so you’re going to put in the effort that an online matchmaking computer or service simply cannot.

However, that doesn’t mean she has to go on any dates. You can present her with a list of options that you think are right for her, but she gets to choose. This way you don’t have to worry about overstepping. At the end of the day it is her decision and her profile will not become public until she chooses to subscribe! If you’re mum’s looking for love but can’t quite bring herself to commit to the online dating pool, this could be the perfect thoughtful gift this Mother’s day and it’s also pretty fun for you in the process!

Mother’s day for us is a day to think about the wonderful mums still with us, and the wonderful mums who sadly are not.

In the run up to Mother’s day we’ll be crowning some of our Single Mum’s as “Mum of the week” so watch out for this across Facebook and Twitter. 

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Whether you’re single, dating, in a relationship, divorced or heartbroken, these 20 bloggers and / or experts have got your backs when it comes to advice, tips, or just a laugh.


Paul Thomas Bell @paulthomasbell

FHM'S featured dating blogger, & columnist for The Evening Times. Blogs about all things dating, and advice for men.

Get The Guy @matthewhussey 

Dating columnist for Cosmopolitan, dating coach for women and NYT best selling author of GetTheGuy. 

Sex & London City @nixalina

Fashion & Beauty Writer, Nixalina is now the number one Sex & Dating Expert in London. She writes witty and honest articles about being a single woman looking for love in the Big Smoke, as well as fashion, and beauty tips.

Natalie Lue  @Nataliemlue

Dating & relationships writer. Blogs about anything from dating, to health, happiness and self esteem. Natalie runs courses to help people heal from painful experiences and bad relationships.

Sarah Louise Ryan @FabSarahRyan

Sarah is a dating expert and former matchmaker, she's up for an award for best Dating & Lifestyle Blogger this year. Her blog covers heartbreak, advice and dating tips.

Kate Taylor  @LoveKateTaylor

Kate Taylor is the dating expert for, she's also the Dating Expert for TV shows. Having met her husband through she coaches members through the online-dating process.  

Naomi Narrative @naominarrative

Naomi is a city dwelling singleton she blogs all things to do with sex, love, relationships and dating – including stories, advice.

My Place Or Yours  @MyPlaceOrYours_

Hayley is a dating blogger who writes honest and witty posts on her dating and life experiences. You can read her post for Date My here.

Rebecca Perkins @rebperkins1

Guides and inspires people through the second part of their life, sharing her wisdom as an over 50's divorcee. Rebecca is the midlife dating expert for E Harmony. If you're over 50 and dating, she's your go to lady.

Hayley Quinn  @HayleyQuinn

Hayley Quinn is a love & life coach, motivational speaker and vlogger. If you haven't read her posts yet, you might have seen her on TV or You Tube, she's got a growing list of 60,000 subscribers.

Dolly Alderton @dollyalderton

Dolly is the Sunday Times dating columnist, you can read weekly updates of her dating debacles and successes. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more lifestyle articles. 

Caroline Brealey @Matchmaker_Miss

Caroline Brealey is a professional matchmaker and a dating & relationship expert so you can be sure to find some unrivalled dating advice from her. The blog over at Mutual Attraction covers dating, love and relationships. 

James Preece  @jamespreeceguru 

James Preece is well known as the Dating Guru - he's the top UK Dating Expert and Dating Coach. He'll help you master the secrets of dating, confidence, flirting, body language and attraction. So if you've got a date lined up, he's the guy to go to for tips. 

Sweetness & Life @katy_red 

Katy is a sex and dating industry expert, her award winning blog, All Sweetness and Life is the go to blog when it comes to all subjects sex and relationship related.

Andy Jones @Andyjoneswrites 

Andy Jones has written over 400 articles on sex, dating and relationships for major magazines & papers and is definitely one to look out for, for some expert advice.

Emma Heptonstall  @DivorceAlchemy

Emma Heptonstall is a Divorce Coach and Huff blogger, her blog contains detailed divorce advice for those going through one, thinking about it, or recovering from one.

Desperate And The City  @despandthecity

A blogger of dating, life & love. Her articles now explore everyday real life funny and honest stories of her relationship.

Laura Yates  @laurayatesUK 

Laura Yates is a relationship/dating coach & writer. She specialises in helping guys & girls bounce back from heartbreak & break-ups and her blog focuses all around this.

The Bella Effect  @MissFrewin 

The Bella Effect is a cheeky, honest and humourous blog about sex, men, relationships and dieting. Articles are in depth and tongue in cheek.

Social Attraction @Gary_Gunn

Inspires single men with dating advice, support and coaching. He offers an online dating profile writing service, as well as live dating training. 

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It's always exciting when the clocks spring forward and all of a sudden our evenings open up with a world of opportunity. There's so many more things to do when it's 7pm and it's still day light. Whether you're newly dating, or in a relationship, we've rounded up 10 great spring date ideas for the next couple of months.

1. Rooftop Film Club

Outdoor films are no new thing anymore, but do they ever loose their novelty?! The answer is no. Starting in May, when hopefully the chilly air has disappeared, Roof Top Film Club kicks off in various roof top locations across London. Choose a movie from the classic or newbie selections. With amazing skylines, deck chairs and atmosphere, this is a top date idea.

2. Beer & Bread Festival

May day is upon us, and there is an abundance of things to do. One being, The Beer and Bread Festival with Brixton Brewery & the Brixton Windmill. If you didn't know that Brixton had a windmill, well now you do! And guess what? This year is it's 200th anniversary, and this festival is one of it's highlights. Expect beer and ... bread.

3. Gir Lion Lodge

Gir Lion Lodge is a brand new development in London Zoo, launching this Spring. It's hidden away within the Land of the Lions. Guests can stay (if they dare) in decorated lodges, with a 2 course dinner included. A date idea sure to bring out your wild sides.

4. Chiswick House

Wandering around a Stately home is quite a civilised date idea, and if you didn't know already London has quite a few. The good thing about Chiswick house is that you can wander the grounds for free. So pick a sunny day and set out for a cultured afternoon.

5. Green Man Ahoy

Green Man are re launching their boat parties and this one sets sail on the 7th of May! Ride along the Thames whilst being entertained by a curated mix of DJs and more festival fun.

6. Udderbelly

The purple cow is back this Spring/ Summer in Southbank from the 7th April onwards. Hosting comedy, circus, theatre and more. Have a moo - vellous time!

7. Handel & Hendrix

One for the music lovers, Jimi Hendrix's flat has now been added to the Handel Exhibition to introduce a permanent exhibition to his former home in Mayfair. You can tour how he once lived, browse his record collections where his guitar still stands in pride of place.

8. London Coffee Festival

Unless you're in an American Diner is there such a thing as bottomless coffee anymore? Well, there is this weekend when caffeine fiends unite at London Coffee Festival. A VIP ticket gets you free coffee and food tastings, a goody bag, access to workshops and more. 

9. Secret Brunch

More like a party than a brunch, this is is an exclusive members club, in a very secret place, revealed at the very last minute. The theme is usually revealed two days before the event. A fun double date idea? Just don't expect ham and eggs.

10. Druid St. Market

A less well known market to it's neighbours, Borough and Maltby Street, Druid St Market offers the best of, "Made in London" every Saturday. With food, homewares, Artists and more, this Market is a great place to mooch with your date or partner.

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What is the meaning of life? Everyone would have their own subjective response to this question. When it really comes down to it, what is the one thing that is a constant (hopefully) in your life? It has to be love. To quote a well known film, "Love actually is, all around us." Whether it’s the love you have for your family, your siblings or the love you have for your partner, when all else fails, we can live off love and still be happy. Romantic love is the kind you can spot a mile off. If someone you know has just met someone, it’s blindingly obvious from the spring in their step to the "everything is amazing" air about them, that they've fallen in love. Imagine if you could be the one behind this new found happiness? Everyone loves to meddle, and everyone at some point knows someone single.

Here are 10 ways you can make someone very happy by helping them find love:

  1. Flattery goes a long way

Read these two sentences below. Which sounds best?

“People tell me I’m the funniest person they know”

“My brother is honestly the funniest person I know.”

We always say it, but writing an online dating profile is up there with writing a CV. No one likes doing it, and yet it determines any kind of success. Isn’t it a hell of a lot easier to write about someone else than yourself? You know your loved one inside out, especially if it’s your single parent or sibling. By matchmaking on Date My, you can champion someone you love by writing their profile for them. The best part is you’re more likely to mention attributes they never would, which works out to be very flattering, or more importantly, honest.

Going into online dating alone can be daunting. Anyone that reads a profile written about themselves is bound to get a big confidence boost and feel ready to enter the world with a profile they can feel proud of.

  1. 2. Stops Bad Habits

If you’ve read, How To Avoid Dating The Wrong Type Of People you’ll see that some people can slip into bad relationship habits.  The only way to snap out of this is by choosing someone completely opposite to your usual type. This is where you, the Matchmaker can help. You may know the reason for their unsuccessful dates or relationships. From an outside perspective it’s a lot easier to see what that person needs. Just be careful you’re not pushing it too far and actually setting them up on a date they won’t enjoy.

  1. Help them get out of a rut

You might know someone who has completely lost his or her confidence after coming out of a bad break up, divorce, or a string of really deflating dates. This can easily escalate into complete avoidance, where that person is now hiding from the dating world and refusing to do anything about it. What you can do is pick that person up and say, I am taking your love life into my own hands now. Usually, they won’t refuse. Finding love can feel like a burden if you’re struggling along trying to find it. Don’t be hesitant in approaching the idea. If you’re fearing the response remember that most of the time that person is secretly wanting your help and will be open to it. A little gentle persuasion if not!

  1. It saves them time

One common reason for someone being single is that they don’t have time to date. Especially single parents, who often struggle to meet someone new in every day life. Online dating has made this easier for a lot of people, with the prospect of a date just a few clicks away, even in your PJ’s. However, it still can feel like a chore. A lot of singles create a profile, sign up and then never do anything about it. You can do all of the hard work for them, searching for matches and setting up dates. All they have to do is turn up!

  1. Builds Self Esteem

Even if you don’t find them the one, all the dates you line up will be great practice. If someone hasn’t been on a date in a while the expectation of one can be quite nerve racking, and the longer they put it off the worse that fear gets. This isn’t the case for everyone, but by you giving your loved one a nudge in the right direction it’s bound to do wonders for their self esteem.

  1. Introductions

When you’re being introduced by someone, it feels less embarrassing doesn’t it? You don’t have to worry about making first contact. Once you’ve matched your loved one with someone, they know the feelings mutual. They can thrive of this introduction and feel confident either writing the first message, or receiving it!

  1. Surprise Element

Similar to number 2, as you’re doing the choosing, you have the power to match a loved one with the kind of person you might have always seen them with. This might take them by surprise. It will be refreshing for them to get someone else’s opinion when they think they know best.

  1. Mindset Shift

Reminding someone how great it is to be dating, rather than the negatives can help shift someone’s mindset completely. If they’re actively dating and putting themselves out there, they are then more likely to meet someone just by being more approachable. So, even if they don’t click with someone online, you may have created a lot more options for them, just by paving the way.

  1. Positive Outlook

The self-esteem you’ve helped someone build won’t just have a positive effect on their love life. By helping someone feel more confident in this area it will also filter out into other aspects of their life, like their lifestyle and maybe even their job.

  1. A relationship & more

If your matchmaking leads to a successful relationship you can wear your Matchmaker crown with pride. This is the ultimate goal for you ( and us) and if you’ve succeeded, chances are you’ve made someone very very happy. Good work! 

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Have you ever been a wingman for someone who was looking for love?

This week we have a guest blog from a Male's perspective onhelping someone find love.

I was and the first time I proudly called myself a wingman, I messed up. I gave my friend the worst advice you can possibly give. As a result, he ended up in a toxic relationship that cost him four months of his precious lifetime.

Sorry, buddy.

But I learned a lot in the process. While I was embarking on my own dating journey, I learned what it really means to be a wingman. And no, it’s not about helping your friend to approach this one girl at the bar. It’s about so much more.

Today I want to share everything I learned in the past couple of years. My own trials and errors and my occupation as a professional dating coach taught me how to support, motivate and inspire someone who wants to find love.

I am writing this article from a male point of view because, well, I am a man. Nevertheless, everything I say is also true for women. So if you are a woman and you want to help your friend by being the best winggirl in the history of womankind, you can follow the same steps.

Let’s have a look at what it really means to help your friend to make the right decisions on his journey towards love.

You Have to Know Who He Really Is

The first quality that distinguishes a bad wingman from a great wingman is the knowledge about the person he is guiding. If you don’t know who the man you want to help really is, you can’t help him. It is really that simple.

The stronger the bond with your friend, the more likely is it that you can help him to succeed.

Let me give you an example to show you what I mean:

In case you don’t know whether the man you are helping is an introvert or an extrovert, it will be impossible for you to give him the right tips and to think about the right dating strategies. You might advise him to hit the clubs, even though the last thing he wants is to talk to party girls. He might be more interested in meeting the kind of girls that rather hang out in bookstores and libraries.  

When you know everything about the past and the personality of the man you want to help, it becomes nearly impossible to give him the wrong advice.

You Have to Remind Him of What He Wants

What if you know exactly who he is, but his wants are not in alignment with his personality? Well, this is a problem that a lot of men have to deal with. They think that they want A while they actually want B. Please allow me to explain.

You know that your friend, who is a natural introvert, loves educated and intellectual women who know more about Charles Bukowski than about Justin Bieber. You know that he wants a healthy relationship with a woman who has the same interests and who just gets him.

One night he meets this incredibly beautiful woman who loves to party, to drink and who has never read a book in her entire life. What terrible mistake do most men make in this situation? They are attracted to her and now they try to rationalize why she is “the one”.

Of course, this rationalization is not based on logic, but on animalistic attraction. I think I don’t have to tell you that you would prevent your friend from making a terrible mistake by reminding him that a woman like that is actually the last thing he wants.  

Teach Him Everything You Know

I already told you that I used to be a very bad wingman. Well, this has a reason. When I first started to guide men, I was a student myself. I was so busy testing, failing and learning that I couldn’t be of any help.

What did I do to change that? I traveled the world, connected with women on five different continents and learned what it really means to be a great wingman. I didn’t just develop dating skills. I developed the skills to teach other men to do what I did.

Now that I walked on the path that so many other guys are afraid to walk on, I can teach, support, inspire and motivate them along their journey. Now that I walked the walk it is easy for me to guide them in the right direction.

What does that mean for you and your qualities as a wingman? You have to walk the walk. You can’t just read a book about dating and expect that your guidance will lead your friend to success. You have to put your knowledge into practice and test everything you want to teach him. Only then will you be the wingman that your friend truly needs. 

Help Him Every Step Along the way

Now that you have the knowledge that you need to help him, it’s time to keep your promise. Help him and I mean really help him. No matter how tiny his problems or how ridiculous his questions, be there for him and help him to solve the issue.

How does that look in practice?

Maybe he has confidence issues. Meditate with him and help him to become more confident by becoming one with his body and mind. Maybe he doesn’t know how to attract the opposite sex. Do everything in your power to help him to become more attractive to the opposite sex

You are his wingman and no matter if he has a hard time filling out his online dating profile, or if he needs someone to talk about his deepest fears, you are there for him. If you help him every step along the way, he will eventually find the right woman.

Encourage Him When Things Are Tough

Sometimes you get rejected. Sometimes you are on a date with a woman and you just feel that you two are not compatible. Sometimes you are totally into a girl who then tells you via text that she doesn’t feel the same. This is called reality.

The dating game is not all sunshine and rainbows. It can be, as long as you don’t give up and keep going. If you, however, lose all your motivation just because a date didn’t work out the way you expected, you will never find the love that you want and deserve.

The saying that you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince is both true for finding princes and princesses. Let’s be realistic. Chances are high that the first person you meet won’t be the one you end up marrying.

These are the times when the psychological support of a wingman is inevitable. It is your job to encourage him when things are tough and when he doesn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is your job to make sure that he keeps on going.   

Reap the Benefits

If you fulfill your duty as a counselor and a motivating force, you will both reap the benefits. If you accompany him every step along the way and encourage him to not give up, he will eventually find the woman of his dreams. I can guarantee you that.

If you asked me to name the most fulfilling thing about being a wingman, I would give you the following answer:

“The most fulfilling thing about being a wingman is to look into the eyes of a changed man.”

Of course, it is amazing to get an invitation to a wedding and you know that you are the reason why he can celebrate this day. This is ambrosia for the ego. I don’t deny that.

But to be honest, nothing is more fulfilling than looking into the eyes of a man who found love.

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