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We were thrilled to see Date My Mum on Channel 4 last week, a true sign that online matchmaking between families is a trend on the up, and one that really works. We’ve had lots of lovely single mums signed up since!

Danielle’s (one of the single mum’s featured on Date My Mum) dad even said, “Children know better than their parents who to pick.”

From the show, one message rang very true, "If my kids don’t get on with them, it won’t work."

So it’s a no brainer, letting the kids decide first and foremost who you should be dating could be the answer to your relationship woes. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter, you’re now signed up to a dating website and the hardest part has been done for you. 

This doesn’t just apply to single parents. Have you got that one single friend/ sister / brother who continuously chooses the wrong type? It’s an unfortunate cycle we can find ourselves in, but one that is psychologically hard to break. A matchmaker can break this pattern by choosing your next date for you. 

If you need convincing, here's 3 great reasons why online matchmaking can work for you:

1. You don’t have to write your dating profile

Writing an online dating profile is up there with writing a CV! Writing about yourself can be daunting; you want to come across well, but how do you do this sincerely without blowing your own trumpet? You might end up writing something that doesn’t sound at all like you; it’s the overly modest version of you, with standard words like, outgoing. Hand it over to someone who knows you and they’ll be as boastful as they want, giving you a flattering but honest profile to feel proud of. Not only is this a nice little confidence boost, it’s also more likely to attract good matches!

2. You don’t have to do the searching

You might be exhausted with looking. Going in to online dating with this attitude will never work. You’ve tried everything, and it’s time for a different approach. Do you even know what you’re looking for? The good news is, someone else does. They can search without the pressure and hesitance that you might be feeling, or better yet, they can search with the excitement of finding you someone.

3. You don’t have to make the first move

You might like being the one who makes initial contact online, if you are, great! Others are not as confident, (even online) and might hold back from getting in touch. On Date My Matchmakers make all of the matches on behalf of you and this acts as a perfect icebreaker.

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It’s that time of the year again when couples everywhere slowly start to panic about how to display their affection for each other on Valentine’s Day. For those readers with partners, if you still haven’t decided what to get your loved one for the special day, Carvaka have put together, The Top 10 Most Sought After Valentine's Day Gifts!You'll be pleased to hear, the Number 1 Valentine's gift is accessible, and affordable. On the other hand, if Valentine's Day makes you feel a little sickly, or if you're a Valentine's cynic, take a look at the startling numbers behind the love. In 2015 we spent £1.9 billion on Valentine's Day! That is a lot of flowers.

To see the entire infographic click here.

When it comes to dining in or out, dining in wins, with the majority of people preferring a home cooked meal (21.10% of people). There's definitely something romantic about being treated to a dinner at home, even if it's an M&S meal for two. Don't be alarmed by this - the 9th most wanted Valentine's gift is, wait for it... a takeaway. Who said romance was dead?

There is, however, a small % of people that are willing to spend up to £100 on Valentine's gifts and surprises. Suddenly that Valentine's card you've bought and sealed doesn't seem to quite cut the mustard. But alas, at least it makes the Top 10 most wanted list. 

There's no getting away from the fact that Valentine's Day has become a money making machine on our highstreets, but we say it's a good thing for relationships. With our busy lives, the holiday of love can come as a welcome moment to show how much you appreciate someone, because in day to day life this can sometimes be overlooked.

Take a look at the insightful & slightly crazy, Valentine's Day Infographic, put together by Carvaka.

Have a Happy Valentines!

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This year, Valentine's Day falls on a Sunday which means for couples or singles it's actually the perfect excuse not to venture out an sit amongst other smug 2 seater tables, but to hunker down indoors and cook up a romantic meal for two. Whether this means with your partner or flatmate, who cares. Being cooked for on a date is a real romantic gesture, if you're doing the cooking, just make sure deliveroo is on speed dial for any late minute disasters. We've found 10 delicious, easy and healthy date night dinners to choose from.

1. Moroccan Prawns

2. Raspberry Coconut Mousse

3. Easy Salmon Parcels 

4. Chili Beef Ragu 

5. Honey Chicken With Braised Chicory 

6. One Pan Duck

7. Squash, ricotta and sage bake

8. Individual Chocolate Melting Pots

9. Oven Baked Kale Risotto 

10. Panna Cotta


 20 Facts You Didn't Know About Valentine's Day 

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A bunch of flowers and a card are compulsory Mother’s Day staples. And we’re sure mum’s worldwide appreciate them (whether it’s a special occasion or just because). As nice as it is to be the sole receiver of a mum’s love, a life-changing gift could be to give her the opportunity to love someone else. After all it could last longer than a bunch of flowers!

Become a Matchmaker for your single mum

Sign yourself up as a Matchmaker on Date My and start the hunt on her behalf. Online dating can be pretty daunting to the technophobes and the Internet savvy alike. Often that fear can be minimised with some encouraging words and a push in the right direction. If you think you could find a wonderful partner, or at least some interesting dates for your mum, then can help you make it simple and safe.

How does Date My work?

As a Matchmaker you sign up on our homepage and choose who it is you’re wanting to match make for (you can even match make for multiple people!) in this case click ‘mum’. Then fill out some of your details and some of her details. You can upload a photo and write a few words about your single mum and then you can search for potential matches. Your mum's profile won’t be visible to others until she approves it, so don’t worry about her being miffed with you for setting it up!

Your mum isn’t obligated; it’s her choice to subscribe!

You find the matches and vet them, because let’s face it, who is going to do a better job than you? You care most about your mum so you’re going to put in the effort that an online matchmaking computer or service simply cannot.

However, that doesn’t mean she has to go on any dates. You can present her with a list of options that you think are right for her, but she gets to choose. This way you don’t have to worry about overstepping. At the end of the day it is her decision and her profile will not become public until she chooses to subscribe! If you’re mum’s looking for love but can’t quite bring herself to commit to the online dating pool, this could be the perfect thoughtful gift this Mother’s day and it’s also pretty fun for you in the process!

Mother’s day for us is a day to think about the wonderful mums still with us, and the wonderful mums who sadly are not.

In the run up to Mother’s day we’ll be crowning some of our Single Mum’s as “Mum of the week” so watch out for this across Facebook and Twitter. 

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Whether you’re single, dating, in a relationship, divorced or heartbroken, these 20 bloggers and / or experts have got your backs when it comes to advice, tips, or just a laugh.


Paul Thomas Bell @paulthomasbell

FHM'S featured dating blogger, & columnist for The Evening Times. Blogs about all things dating, and advice for men.

Get The Guy @matthewhussey 

Dating columnist for Cosmopolitan, dating coach for women and NYT best selling author of GetTheGuy. 

Sex & London City @nixalina

Fashion & Beauty Writer, Nixalina is now the number one Sex & Dating Expert in London. She writes witty and honest articles about being a single woman looking for love in the Big Smoke, as well as fashion, and beauty tips.

Natalie Lue  @Nataliemlue

Dating & relationships writer. Blogs about anything from dating, to health, happiness and self esteem. Natalie runs courses to help people heal from painful experiences and bad relationships.

Sarah Louise Ryan @FabSarahRyan

Sarah is a dating expert and former matchmaker, she's up for an award for best Dating & Lifestyle Blogger this year. Her blog covers heartbreak, advice and dating tips.

Kate Taylor  @LoveKateTaylor

Kate Taylor is the dating expert for, she's also the Dating Expert for TV shows. Having met her husband through she coaches members through the online-dating process.  

Naomi Narrative @naominarrative

Naomi is a city dwelling singleton she blogs all things to do with sex, love, relationships and dating – including stories, advice.

My Place Or Yours  @MyPlaceOrYours_

Hayley is a dating blogger who writes honest and witty posts on her dating and life experiences. You can read her post for Date My here.

Rebecca Perkins @rebperkins1

Guides and inspires people through the second part of their life, sharing her wisdom as an over 50's divorcee. Rebecca is the midlife dating expert for E Harmony. If you're over 50 and dating, she's your go to lady.

Hayley Quinn  @HayleyQuinn

Hayley Quinn is a love & life coach, motivational speaker and vlogger. If you haven't read her posts yet, you might have seen her on TV or You Tube, she's got a growing list of 60,000 subscribers.

Dolly Alderton @dollyalderton

Dolly is the Sunday Times dating columnist, you can read weekly updates of her dating debacles and successes. You can subscribe to her newsletter for more lifestyle articles. 

Caroline Brealey @Matchmaker_Miss

Caroline Brealey is a professional matchmaker and a dating & relationship expert so you can be sure to find some unrivalled dating advice from her. The blog over at Mutual Attraction covers dating, love and relationships. 

James Preece  @jamespreeceguru 

James Preece is well known as the Dating Guru - he's the top UK Dating Expert and Dating Coach. He'll help you master the secrets of dating, confidence, flirting, body language and attraction. So if you've got a date lined up, he's the guy to go to for tips. 

Sweetness & Life @katy_red 

Katy is a sex and dating industry expert, her award winning blog, All Sweetness and Life is the go to blog when it comes to all subjects sex and relationship related.

Andy Jones @Andyjoneswrites 

Andy Jones has written over 400 articles on sex, dating and relationships for major magazines & papers and is definitely one to look out for, for some expert advice.

Emma Heptonstall  @DivorceAlchemy

Emma Heptonstall is a Divorce Coach and Huff blogger, her blog contains detailed divorce advice for those going through one, thinking about it, or recovering from one.

Desperate And The City  @despandthecity

A blogger of dating, life & love. Her articles now explore everyday real life funny and honest stories of her relationship.

Laura Yates  @laurayatesUK 

Laura Yates is a relationship/dating coach & writer. She specialises in helping guys & girls bounce back from heartbreak & break-ups and her blog focuses all around this.

The Bella Effect  @MissFrewin 

The Bella Effect is a cheeky, honest and humourous blog about sex, men, relationships and dieting. Articles are in depth and tongue in cheek.

Social Attraction @Gary_Gunn

Inspires single men with dating advice, support and coaching. He offers an online dating profile writing service, as well as live dating training. 

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