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With the incoming 24 hour tube across London we thought it would be appt to run through some date dodging excuses, seems as, "I've got to get the last tube" won't fly on the weekends. The liklihood is, if you're on a bad date you would have left well before midnight anyway, but sometimes it can be really hard to slip away. Here's 6 ways to get out of a date that isn't going too well, and yes, we've included all the clichés. 

1. Get the excuse out of the way quickly.

People know within minutes if they're attracted to someone. 12 to be exact. So let's say 15 minutes in, you know it's not going anywhere. This might sound ruthless, but if you're that certain, apologise and say you've only got a maximum of an hour because you completely forgot you've got to cat sit for a friend! The excuse is laid out on the table and you can leave when you want. Plus the cat thing probably helped to seal the deal anyway.

2. Trusty phone call

There are APPs for this now. Fake - A - Call lets you set up a fake call and a photo of a person will appear. So, if the date isn't going as well as you thought, you can always run to the bathroom and subtly take your phone with you. Or there's the old school way of asking a friend to call, but what if they forget!?

3. Fake ill

Escape to the toilet and come back a while later saying you're not feeling too good at all and you need to leave. This works because they're likely to be too polite to ask what's wrong and will just be very sympathetic.

4. Play Matchmaker

If you're starting to sense you're in more of the friends zone, start hinting by saying they'd go really well with your friend. Weobviously love to play matchmaker in any circumstance, if you play cupid on a date, they might just get the picture.

5. Bring in help

A quick text to a friend and they could be at the bar coincidentally. Pretend you hadn't planned it and then invite them to join you. This isn't rude unless you start to blank them, don't do that!

6. Be honest

If you're gutsy and you'd prefer to be honest, tell them that it isn't working out and you think it would be better if you went home. This avoids follow up calls (hopefully) and being honest is a whole lot easier sometimes.

admin Jul 30 '19
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We're excited for this month's guest blog, because it comes from a fellow Matchmaker, Sarah Ryan. Sarah is a dating expert and former Matchmaker. She spells out what makes online dating scary, as well as telling us why she thinks Date My makes all the scariness disappear! Over to Sarah:

Finding love is tough. There, I said it. It was never meant to be, or so we thought. We were always told that he or she is “just around the corner". So we waited and waited and for lots of us - still waiting. It turns out that our ideal match must have taken a wrong turn somewhere or gone AWOL. This I’m afraid, the wait; is not even the hard part. When you start on the path to being proactive that’s when things start to become complicated and let’s face it- a dating minefield. Believe me, I speak from experience in my four years as a matchmaker for one of London’s leading dating agencies- I have heard many a story about the battlefield to finding love, that’s more often than not, the very reason they would come to meeting a professional matchmaker. It’s just so difficult out there.

So let’s cut to the chase. He or she was never just around the corner like our parents said they would be, or else millions of us wouldn’t have been swiping right/left/up/down, filling out endless online personality tests that take 3 days or in fact, watching Millionaire Matchmaker hoping to find our very own Patti to take our love life to the next level. Let me make it really simple for the many of you that have taken the plunge into the online world of being proactive in your soul mate search; writing about yourself really sucks. Your dating profile - that’s really the hard part. 

Striking the balance between confidence and arrogance, achievements and tooting one’s horn, sounding fit but not like a health nut and most of all making yourself sound warm, friendly and kind, without coming across as ‘too nice’ and getting put in the friend zone. All of this even before message, numero uno. I’m exhausted just thinking about it; this is the REAL hard part.

Now, whilst your Mr or Miss Right is busy downloading Google maps to find out exactly which corner it is he or she should be turning around; let me tell you how to make it easy on yourself. Get 2-3 of your closest friends or relatives and ask them about you. Ask them what it is that makes you special and get them to write it down in their most honest way. Now this is the real you, your actual personal brand and what gives you that genuine kudos. The things they say and the way they feel about you, now that’s the real you!

I was aimlessly checking out the twittersphere and what’s new in the world and came across Date My. Straight away, I checked them out, their advice and words of wisdom to the world of singles out there and thought they have really hit the nail on the head. Having those very loved ones I just mentioned become your personal matchmaker- genius. Who in the world knows you better? As a first step into the world of dating and getting back out there, having those very people take the first step for you could be a huge weight off your shoulders. Meddling Matchmakers who really will have your best interests at heart. I do believe that what you have here at is an organic community doing the hard part so the rest is down to the singles, the fun part; dating. Singles can have genuine profiles written by third parties who are emotionally involved in the process as much as the profiled person in question. I think Date My may have cracked it!


In my opinion, dating and the search for ‘the one’ is hard enough without the admin- chances are you won’t be bothered to finish any online application yourself 3 days later. Bravo Date My you have found a niche in a saturated market that I have every confidence will build traction and work wonders for the world of singles.

You can follow Sarah on twitter: @FabSarahRyan


admin Jul 30 '19
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We hate to say it, but summer is over. It's time to start thinking all'interno when it comes to date ideas. Although a brisk sunny day is welcomed, rooftops may be a little cool, and as for picnics, well no one wants a soggy sandwich. We've rounded up 10 Autumn date ideas below. But let's not be too pessimistic, we've thrown in a couple of wildcards just in case the sun pops out for 10 minutes or so!

1. Hackney Drinks Market

Enjoy 30 stalls run by brewers, distillers, coffee roasters and more. A great date idea if you're looking to do something a bit more fun than going for a drink. But don't worry it's not all liquid, there's food also to soak up the drinks you find. Opening in October.

2. Rok Smokehouse and Bar

Forget about the weather and soak up the Nordic style restaurant and food at Rok Smokehouse. The highlight is, it's got a late licence with a special bar snacks menu after 10pm, useful if the dates going well, not so if it isn't.

3. Sea Life After Dark

The London Aquarium is hosting a late night event where you can wander under the sea life walkway with a date. Tickets are £29 and include a glass of Prosecco. If it doesn't go well, there's plenty more fish in the sea (sorry).

4. What is love anyway?

Enjoy some live comedy with Richard Herring performing his 4 year old Edinburgh shows in London. An appropriate topic where the show delves into the comedian's romantic adventures and attempts to define love. Don't let him ruin the moment for you.

5. Bottomless Brunch

A risky date choice, just remember to order food as well as drink the free flowing mimosas! The brunch is £22 each and includes brunch choices like beef brisket hash and bubble & squeak. 

6. Night Safari

Enjoy a night at the museum with Time Out. They're hosting an after-dark tour of the National History Museum. A pretty great date idea with free drinks included and a tour of several exhibitions like glow in the dark creatures.  

7. Silent Disco

Forget about awkward silences, maybe just focus on your dance moves for this one. Enjoy a silent disco 1000ft high at the view from the shard.

8. London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail week Is approaching in October, next week we'll be rounding up the best bars for you to enjoy on a date or with friends. A great excuse to enjoy multiple cocktails.

9. Dinerama

Open until early October, this street feast includes 6 street diners, six bars, five street food shacks, and one DJ. Choose a rain free day for good food and atmosphere.

10. Pop Up Cinema

Check your date likes scary movies first as this one is bound to spook. It takes place in the hidden eerie temple room of Andaz Hotel Liverpool Street. They're screening, A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as The Omen, Halloween and The Exorcist.  



admin Jul 30 '19
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Is this not the best week ever.. it's London Cocktail week! An official week where you have a good excuse to try some of London's finest cocktails. With 275 bars serving £5 cocktails to wristband wearers, Londoners are spoilt for choice. If you have a date lined up we suggest heading to Old Spitalfields Market. It's being transformed into an actual week long cocktail village across the entire market space. You can choose to sip from over 30 different pop up cocktail stalls like Tia Maria's cool beans milk float.

We've taken a look and whittled a cocktail list down to 20. We're not suggesting you drink them all at once of course!

1. Trailer Colada Trailer Happiness

Try this tropical medley of, Bacardi 8 Rum, 1800 Coconut Tequila, Pineapple Roasted In Molasses, Coconut Syrup, Pineapple, Citrus, and smoked sea salt. The best bit is you can opt in for a 2 serving (to share of course!).

2. King Creole NOLA

This one's for peanut butter fans. Named after the 1958 movie set in New Orleans with Elvis Presley, enjoy Peanut Butter fat-washed Makers Mark bourbon, stirred down with Creme de Banane and Creole bitters!


3. Basil Fawlty Oskar's Bar

We just like the name, but this is a sweet treat of a cocktail with, Beefeater gin, basil, meadowsweet, elderflower, apple & lemon swizzled together in this invigorating mix. 

4. Mutt's Nuts Dirty Bones

A smooth delight of Woodford Reserve bourbon, cinnamon & vanilla infused maple syrup, Angostura bitters, lemon & apple juices

5. KOFFIE? Discount Suit Company

How do you take your coffee? How about with, Genever, Ristretto Liqueur, Fernet Branca, cold brew coffee, orgeat and egg yolk!

6. Beat Roots Manuva Powder Keg Diplomacy

If we didn't know better this one sounds like something served up on Masterchef! Quiquiriqui Mezcal, Starboard Port, homeade beetroot & dark chocolate reduction, lemon juice, white sugar syrup and egg white. 

7. Shippers Pie Plant The Sun Tavern 


If you like a sour tipple then this one is for you. Gin, rhubarb cordial, pink grapefruit, white port and lemon.

8. Chaijito Dishoom

A spicy twist on the usual Moijto with smoky rum and Dishoom sweet - spice chai syrup muddled with fresh mint, coriander, ginger and lime.

9. Blue Monday's Beagle

Monday's would be far from blue if this cocktail was involved. Blue Monday Apple Eau De Vie, blueberry, lemon, bramley syrup and egg white!

10. Cereal Killer #rumforyourlife Blind Pig

This one sounds like an absolutely guilty pleasure with Havana 3 yr, Benedictine, Cheerios milk and vanilla syrup. Men, word of warning if you're looking for a masculine cocktail, this one comes in a glass milk carton with a candy stripe straw!  

11. Ram Berry Jam Barrio Central


One for the sweet tooth this cocktail is made from homemade raspberry jam liqueur spiked with Stoli vodka, lemon and cava. It's garnished nicely with... a jammy dodger.


12. Smokestack Mary Foxlow

A savoury tipple with an edge. This cocktail packs a punch with gin, tomato, chipotle smoked paprika, and peated Scotch.

13. Mulato Margarita El Nivel   If tequila is your spirit of choice, this one combines Maestro Dobel with fresh lime juice, white crème de cacao and a chipotle salt & cacao sugar rim. Olay!    14. Pisco Punch Andina   It would be a crime to go here and not have a pisco based drink. This one has fresh pineapple, a secret pineapple syrup, lime, artisan Italia grape pisco and grapefruit bitters.


15. Mac Askill Sour The Whistling Shop


The clue is in the name a sour medley of, Johnnie Walker Black Label, ricotta and honey syrup, lemon, egg White and flamed Angostura.


16. Tom Collins The Portobello Star


A cooling refreshing concoction of, Gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, and soda water. The gin is made in house so expect a tasty treat.


17. Bacon & Egg Martini The London Cocktail Club


Choosing from the extensive menu can be a little tricky. This one stands out to be a bit of a daring choice. Jack Daniels infused with smoked bacon, 1 Egg White, Maple Syrup, Lemon Juice, and a dash Angostura Bitters.


18. Smooth Hoperator Callooh Calley

Prove that you are with this medley of Bulleit Bourbon, hops reduction, lime, sugar, ginger ale!

19. White Seal Milk & Honey

This one goes under "digestives" under the menu, maybe not one for kicking the date off with. A creamy mixture of White Seal Rum, coffee, cacao, Pedro Ximénez, and cream.

20. Airmail Night Jar

This one almost sounds good for you with a fresh mix of Havana Club 7 Year, fresh lime, bee pollen, fresh mint, green tea and champagne. 

admin Jul 30 '19
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Whilst Halloween is a great time for kids it can also be a good excuse to have an eerie / fun romantic date night! Whether you fancy a trick or a treat there are some Halloween events coming up which are perfect for either, not that you want to be tricking a first date, but a scary film can always encourage a cuddle! 

Here are 10 Halloween Date Ideas:

  1.       Horse Drawn Ride

            A horse drawn carriage that escorts you around Richmond Park with your guide telling stories of history, ghosts and murder. A glass of sloe gin and a blanket will help comfort you and your date!

  1. Pick Your Own Pumpkin

A nice Autumnal outdoors date idea, pick your own pumpkin from the Pick Your Own Pumpkin Farm in Kent. You could even take it home and carve it together.

  1. Nightwatchers   

What could be spookier than the Tower of London at night? The tour is directed by Anagram the digital theatre company and immerses you into tales of Elizabethan secret service.

  1. Pumpkin Carving

Carve a pumpkin with your date and enjoy a pumpkin based cocktail whilst you’re at it. A good opportunity to pull a trick and fake a lost finger in the process, or not.

  1. Spooky Pets

If you’re a pet owner, Pet Pavillion is hosting a Halloween event where your furry friends can get Halloween makeovers, like Dracula, Yoda and Batman. A perfect icebreaker date!

  1. Only Fools and Peacocks

Take a trip to this costume emporium and try on some costumes; they’ve got it all including teeth, fangs and blood! Don’t scare you’re date off.

  1. Forest Spooks

Remember the Blair Witch Project? Epping Forest is the host of a nighttime tour on the eve of Halloween. Wrap up warm!

  1. Kensington Palace

Another iconic London Building, Kensington Palace is the holder of over 300 years of secrets. The eerie tour takes place after dark where you’ll tread in the footsteps of kings and queens.

  1. Day of The Dead Festival

A more lighthearted event, despite its title! Wahaca our hosting a 12 hour party with music, food and art.

  1. Boo at the Zoo

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is kids only, a walk through Europe’s Spider Forest and who’s laughing now! The event at The London Zoo welcomes all ages and let’s you in on some of the animal's scare tactics.

admin Jul 30 '19
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