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It’s coming up to Bonfire Night so we thought rather than give you some schmoozy tips we thought we’d delve into the science of chemistry and what is really going on when you feel a spark.

It can take between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if you fancy someone, this is fairly swift and means that the first 4 minutes of a date are the most important. But only 7% is through what we say, so worry less about what you’re saying and more about your body language, delivery and eye contact!

We hear lots of singles say, “It was a great date, but there just wasn’t a SPARK between us.” And this is usually the key factor when deciding on a second date or not. You may be thinking, well it’s obvious if there’s a spark or not. But, sometimes when you’re on a date it’s hard to tell over the bumbling conversation and nerves. Science tells us that when you’re looking at a potential date you’re assessing whether you’d like your children to have their genes. This could sound a bit presumptuous, but we do this in 2 ways, through pheromones and appearance. 

Is love at first sight real? 

Anthropologist, Dr Helen Fisher says that love at first sight is a real thing. If you’re sceptical, think of the last time you felt instant attraction for someone you barely knew. This is your animal instinct behaving, in the animal kingdom things move quickly and instant attraction is needed to start the breeding process!

Why we’re more like dogs than we think

When you’re attracted to somebody it means you subconsciously like his or her genes and these can be sniffed out! So if you sniff out someone you like the smell of, (and this doesn’t mean Chanel or Armani) this means odourless chemicals we give off, then the likelihood is you’re compatible. Smell can be as important as looks when determining attraction. So not only is love in the eyes of the beholder but also the nose!

Why we subconsciously choose people like our parents: 

People normally like the look and smell of people most like their parents! 

What makes us fall in love? 

Recent studies in neuroscience show that as people fall in love, the brain releases a certain set of chemicals which lead to side effects like, increased heart rate, loss of appetite and sleep, and an intense feeling of excitement. This stage generally lasts from one and a half to three years. So love sick really is a thing.

We’ve put together a little infographic to show all these scientific facts. So next time you’re on a date you'll know what’s happening when sparks are flying. It’s not cheesy it’s science!

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Most divorce lawyers will tell you that their clients have online dating subscriptions on their statements, before they’re even divorced. A lot of people are comfortable with looking again and maybe they can’t wait for a new relationship. That’s not to say dating after a divorce is all fun and games, the reality is that it can be really difficult. But everyone’s different, and everyone’s divorce is different. For some, the scariest thing about a divorce is what comes next. Relationship expert Aaron Anderson gives 3 tips for setting out in the right direction when dating after a divorce (or during!).

  1. Stop thinking about your divorce

Nobody’s divorce was a good experience. In fact, a divorce leaves most people feeling once bitten and twice shy. In order to get yourself back out there you need to let go of those hard feelings and regain confidence in yourself and in relationships again. If that’s hard to do for you, find a counsellor you can talk with about it. This is a great way not only to get over your divorce but to improve yourself so you have more to offer others in the dating world. 

  1. Don’t be embarrassed about your divorce

People who are divorced often feel like they’ve failed at marriage and as a result. But don’t sweat it. Be confident in yourself. 

  1. Just be yourself

It’s so cliche’. But it’s true. There’s no good that can come from pretending to be someone you’re not. And there’s no need to. There’s nothing wrong with being who you are. Being yourself and being confident about it will ensure that you find someone who is crazy about you. And when you find someone who is crazy about you, sparks will fly and your relationship will be off to a great start.

We welcome personal stories on Date My. If you’d like to share your tips on how you coped through a divorce or the positive steps you took towards dating again then lets us know at

If you want more tips and advice on divorce, we’ve got some great guest blogs on here for you read: 

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How To Date After Divorce Or Separation

If you’re hesitant to start dating again, Date My is the perfect platform for you. Head to our homepage and choose someone you love to be your own personal matchmaker!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... we've rounded up some top festive date ideas to enjoy in London this Christmas time!

1. Ice Skating

An obvious ice breaker choice, but there’s a few to choose from in London, each with their own little extras. The most magical beingRichmond Rink, and landmark wonders Natural History Museum,The London Eye, and Hampton Court all have rinks this year.

2. South Pole Saloon

What’s not to love about a pub run my drunken elves? This is an immersive festive pop up in Brixton, featuring DJS, live performances, Christmas cocktails, and street food. If you’re stuck for conversation you can always tell your date you live an elfy lifestyle. (Oh dear!)

3. Winter Experience with Bompas & Parr

Bompas & Parr have transformed the 72nd floor of the Shard into a walk in snow globe, you can’t get more festive than that! The experience includes a touch responsive grotto, gem studded snow dunes and edible experiences. But behind the iridescence lies scientific research creating the most romantic experience for it’s visitors. You could say this is the perfect date spot! 

4. Eat Your Drink

Move over boring Boozy chocolates, make way for edible sweeties. Take a trip to this sweet shop and you could come away with pina colada dip daps, alcoholic candy floss, and if it goes really well, a diamond (of the gin variety of course!). 

5. Winterville

Most know what to expect when it comes to a Winter festival, but this year Winterville has little bonus extras like festive film screenings in an enchanted forest, crazy golf, and a circus! 

6. Weirdo’s For Christmas Number 1: An Alternative Panto

Now in it’s fourth year, this has become a tradition for comedy lovers. Comedians put on a ludicrous show with silly costumes, props and songs. All proceeds go to Great Ormond Street!

7. Home Alone

Christmas has truly begun once Home Alone has been watched. Watch the screening at Nottinghill’s 20th Century Theatre on the 12th December, and come back the next day for Home Alone 2!

8. The Scandinavian Christmas Market

Wander round the Scandi Christmas Market stalls whilst sipping on Glogg and browsing Nordic nic nacs. A truly festive experience set between the Norwegian and Finnish churches in Rotherhithe.

9. South Bank Winter Festival

This winter festival brings a whole host of festive shows and performances to enjoy. The Rekorderlig Cider Lodge is a cozy atmosphere with Swedish food, and fire pits. 

10. Taste Of London: Festive Edition

Sample some of London's best food from Restaurants like Hix, Pont St and more. A great way to sample delicious food, learn some tricks and do a bit of Christmas shopping at the same time, if your date allows! 

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You start off with such good intentions and by mid January it all comes crashing down! But don't worry, you're with 92% of the population there, only 8% of us stick to our resolutions! So, what if you tried something slightly different this year?

It's often easier to stick to something if you're doing it for someone else and not yourself, don't you think? 2016 could be the year where you focus some of your energy on helping a loved one and we can help you along the way! Matchmaking is one of the best ways of meeting someone, it's proven to work and the Matchmaker comes away happy and glowing in smug success. So why not make one of your New Years Resolutions to help someone find love? Whether you have a single dad, sister or best friend, January is the best time for them to get online, it's where all of the other singles are! But what about ME, we hear you cry. If you're single too, team up and play Matchmaker for each other. On Date My there's no limit to how many people you can sign up! Watch our little How It Works video here.

Don't take no for an answer

Some people can be quite hesitant to try online dating, but with Date My you can take all of the hard work out of it for them. Technology is shaping the way we find love and if you're single, it's time to get pro active about seeking a relationship.

Why you'll stick to this resolution

Why does this work? You've got your loved one excited now. It's all down to you, their love life is in your hands and you're not going to drop it like your New Year diet resolution. This resolution is here to stay, at least until you can be crowned Matchmaker of course!

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Everyone wants their loved ones to be happy and in life, no matter the times, this usually means finding love. Matchmaking is a long-standing tradition in many cultures and still exists everywhere today. Even with the most advanced technology, matchmaking will still live on as a common way of finding a relationship. People just love to meddle, help and see someone they love find happiness. 

So what are the pro's to helping your single parent find love through online dating?

1. You get to do the choosing

By taking charge of your single mum or dad’s love life, you get to do the choosing. And who knows them better than you do? You know what’s best for your single parent and you can put this into the search.  Maybe they have a habit of choosing the wrong person, or they’ve had really poor luck when it comes to relationships. You can break this pattern for them!

2. It’s hard to find someone in everyday life 

Thanks to technology, 1 in 2 people will meet through online dating by 2030. Unless you know someone at work, or your friends have single parents, finding someone suitable for your single mum or dad in every day life can be quite a challenge. Online dating and Date My makes this a lot easier!

3. It’s rewarding

Everyone loves to be the reason two people met and whenever possible, matchmakers like to slip their achievement into a friends “how we met” conversation wherever they can. It does feel great to be responsible for a couple’s happiness and it’s one of those things we like to brag about, especially if it's for a close family member!

4. You can be responsible for their happiness

Your parent raised you, supports you and now it’s time for a role reversal. You now feel a little responsible for their happiness. Their love life is in your hands and you can return the favour by setting them up on some dates.

5. You care – they will be in your life too

Because they mean a lot to you, you’re not going to set them up with any Tom, Dick or Harry. The match you may find could be your future stepfather, so the pressure is on to find someone everyone loves. This is a good thing.

Thankfully online dating makes matchmaking a whole lot easier to do! If you have a single mum or dad sign them up it's free!

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