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So you know two single people, and obviously you think they are just perfect for each other! But how do you go about setting them up? Here are some tips we’ve put together for you.

1. Find similarities
Firstly, work out if they have any common ground. Opposites can and do attract but there should be some commonality. Casually mention each other in conversation so that their names are familiar.

2. Arrange a meeting
The next step is to organise where, when and how to get them to meet in person. Do not let them know your matchmaking plans because this adds pressure and nerves will make the whole thing awkward when they do meet. Suggest they both come and meet you and some other friends at a bar where it's busy enough for them to not feel under the spotlight and is a great place for striking up casual conversation.

3. The introduction
Introduce each other and mention one or two things they have in common, then allow conversation between them to flow naturally. If it doesn’t initially, don’t force it, remember you can't create chemistry these things take time.

4. Take a step back
If and when your plan works and they do start to take things further, take credit in silence and don’t keep pestering them about how it’s going. A genuine relationship can take time to form, but by all means bask in your matchmaking glory.

Writing an online dating profile about yourself can be a really daunting experience. One of the biggest complaints about online dating is that after a while all the profiles begin to look the same and ultimatley the user gets bored and logs off feeling unsuccessful. So how do you grab their attention and stand out from the crowd without sounding egotistical and self-centred? An online dating profile is short and therefore amplifies anything you write and can become a character statement about you whether you intend it that way or not. You can really benefit from investing some real thought into what to write. These are the top tips we’ve assembled for writing a profile.

We think a really key idea is getting someone you love to help write it for you. It is not often peole are told what their best qualities so it can be hard to come up with some yourself. There are many qualities your loved ones see in you that you may not know about yourself. At the Matchmakers who initially write the profile are personally known by the single people. This helps to build an honest and usually more appealing profile as people find it a lot easier to write about another person than themselves.

It is best to avoid cliches at all costs, dont fall into the trap of thinking that the classic ‘one liners’ never get old, because they did. Those are the type of things that will not get you noticed by the right people. Having somene help you write your profile can often give you great and original ideas which is undoubtably going to be more interesting to read than ‘I love laughing’.

A dating profile is a snapshot - you have a limited amount of time to grab someone’s attention. Keep it short because people usually just skim read through the writing sections of a profile. You wouldn’t tell a stranger who you met in a bar your whole life story in the first instane so it should be no different online.

Often words used to describe a person are attributes which need to be proven through getting to know you, therefore, using a carefully selected selection of photos can say a lot more about yourself than a whole paragraph about yourself. Choose recent photos which you feel comfortable in and remember you can always get help from a loved on on choosing them.

Dating for people with food allergies. Is it really that much of a problem that you wish to spend the rest of your life with someone who you can connect with through the inability to eat a certain type of food?

One site has split themselves into lots of small ‘passions’ which people identify themselves by and then find others who share the same passion as them. Sounds perfect, except some examples of these 250+ passions include; a site for vampires and vampire lovers, one for people who have mullets or love people who do, and those who dedicate themselves to a life of mime or are attracted to those who do.

While most of us enjoy the odd fancy dress at special occasions such as Halloween there are sites to bring together communities  of people who enjoy dressing up, some examples are people who dress up as furry animals and a site for those who dress up as clowns (for work or personal reasons) . Another networks adults who like to spend their time wearing nappies and dressing up as babies.

A dating site for people who are already in relationships. Obviously some people find this thrilling but to actively join a website which brings together people who are interested and willing to cheat on their significant other, or to be the ‘bit on the side’, seems really bizarre to us. Infidelity should not be encouraged especially to make money. Probably the most famous of this type of site actually allows females to sign up for free, but then for a members profile to be completely removed without a trace, they must pay £15. Sneaky and mischievous, just like their target audience.

Similarly, we also found a site which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and your significant other and then people vote on which of the two of you they think can do better, with the intention of finding someone ‘better’. Ouch.

At we encourage and love the diversity of our users. The matchmakers and single people work together to write the users profile which helps to provide an honest and interesting ‘about me’.


Why not take a look and see if you can find Love on 

To celebrate London Cocktail Week we have devised a list of romantic cocktails available at some of our favourite London Cocktail bars. If you are looking for an aphrodisiac, try one of these!

Love Potion No 9 – London Cocktail Club

An amorous concoction of Bombay Sapphire gin, Spanish desert wine, pineapple and lemon.

Kilner Me Softly – Callooh Callay

Santa Teresa rum served in a wood smoked jar, mixed with a Coca-cola reduction, Fernet Branca and Bitters.

Mile High – Steam & Rye

Pampero rum, Honey syrup, lemon and bubbly.

50 Shades of Wray – Portobello Star

Wray and Nephew, whipped up with sparkling grapefruit soda, a kiss of passionfruit, then spanked with grenadine and finished with a pearl necklace of passion fruit seeds.

Once Loved – The Shop NW10

Kraken dark spiced rum, coco lopez, pineapple juice and crème de abricot (served in a vintage milk bottle).

Passionate Rose – TGIFriday

Havana Club 3 year old rum, Bols Creme de cacao and rose syrup shaken with lime juice, fresh passion fruit and passion fruit puree.

Deja Vieux for Two – Nola

Rye Whiskey married with Courvoisier Exclusif, Sweet Vermouth and Benedictine and a dash of bitters.

Valentino – Hawksmoor

Nikka 15 year old, Chocchi Torino, triple sec, cherry juice and orange bitters.

Harmony Royale – Milk and Honey

Cognac, maraschino, strawberry, lemon

Between the sheets – Artesian

Remy Martin VSOP, Plantation 3 stars, triple sec, lemon.

The Sweetest Sting - The Jam Tree

Appleton Estate VX Jamaican rum, vodka, elderflower cordial
and raspberry jam muddled with lime juice and a sprig of mint leaves.

Drunk in love? We are! Visit and help someone find Love today!

Being a single parent is hard work, not only do you have sole responsibility for your children, but it is likely you have 101 other things you have to split your time with. You may be a single parent juggling a number of small children between work and/or school, or you may have grown up children who have flown the nest or are already responsible for themselves, other than the school gates or the supermarket, where are you supposed to find the time to meet someone new? Online dating is a cheap and accessible form of meeting new people. You do not have to be online at the same time as someone to chat so it can be a great way to fit around your busy schedule.

The first step is to take the plunge and get yourself out there. Signing up to an online dating site and writing a profile can be daunting, this is why we highly recommend getting a close friend or family member to help you with; choosing photos, writing down your hobbies and interests, describing yourself and writing messages. This can be stressful enough to make you give up, but take your time, be honest, ask for help and if you need more guidance, read our previous blog about writing an online dating profile.

How often you use the dating site is going to be relevant to your success, you may find yourself overwhelmed with matches and messages, or you may be finding it difficult and unsure of what to search for yourself. We advise taking a short time out of your day, up to an hour whenever is best for you, to check your messages and reply or send requests. Many sites also show other members how recently you have been active on the site, a person who actively uses the site is going to be a more attractive option than someone who clearly doesn’t log on and check their messages. If you spend hours trawling through users you will become bored and users’ profiles will end up looking the same. is designed as a platform for people who may need a bit of help getting into online dating so we know it can be a difficult first step. Nominate someone you trust to help you by asking them to be your matchmaker, so they can help take away some of the stress of searching and make suggestions for matches whom you may not have considered. 

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