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This month we're thrilled to have Matchmaker of the Year, Caroline Brealey explain why friends make perfect Matchmakers.

Why Friends Make Excellent Matchmakers

As a professional matchmaker myself perhaps I’m doing myself out of a job by saying this, but your friends can really be the very best matchmaker for you. Here’s why -

They know when you say one thing but mean another

Like when you say ‘no way would I spend my Saturday nights in watching Strictly Come Dancing’. But your friends know you better than that. They know you love it but just don’t want to fess up.

Same goes for dating. We often say he/she MUST have this and MUST look like that. Friends can see right through it. They’ve seen you when you’re vulnerable, perhaps when you’ve been broken hearted or riding high on the waves of love. They know what is truly important to you and a good friend can read you like a well loved book!

Shared values

Given you are friends it’s a pretty safe bet to say you share similar values and outlooks on life. You might not agree on everything but you probably have a similar way of thinking or if you don’t, you are open minded enough to accept different opinions.

In terms of compatibility, shared values are right up there. They are needed for a healthy relationship to grow. For example if you feel strongly about the importance of education and enjoy continued learning and development you probably aren’t going to connect on a deeper level with someone who thinks education is a waste of time. You see where I’m coming from?

Because we tend to mix with others who share similar values to ourselves, your friends will likely know plenty of other singles on your wavelength.

Friends know you inside out

They know how you take your tea, where you like to holiday, what makes you grumpy and what keeps you laughing till you’re blue in your face. They know you. They know who you will get on with and who you won’t. They aren’t going to set you up with someone they think you’re going to dislike, well, if they’re a good friend they won’t! The best thing you can do is trust your friend that they will introduce you to people they genuinely think you would like to meet, the rest is down to you.

They have your best interest at heart

Friends want to see you happy and that’s why they are the perfect matchmaker. They may not always get it right (even the professionals don’t!) but they will put their heart and soul into it. A true friend will take to the task of matchmaking you like a duck to water. Of course if they do successfully match you, you won’t have a choice on who the bridesmaid/best man will be!

They will ‘champion you’ from the heart

We all need someone who will big us up. Someone who will say how amazing we are and why someone would be a Grade A fool for not going on a date with us. Friends are that champion. They know how amazing you are and when they’re telling their friends about you that will shine through.

I’m a firm believer that you have to be pro active in finding love. Sure there are the lucky ones who lock eyes over a crowded room or who get chatting when sat next to one another on a train. That’s great, but sometimes you have to take things into your own hands – or your friends. Get them on board and allow them to play cupid. You never know, they might just find the one for you!


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We're thrilled to feature a blog from Saskia Nelson, who is the talent behind the award-winning Saturday Night’s Alright, the UK’s only dedicated dating photography business.  She specialises in creating gorgeous photos for her clients to help them build awesome online dating profiles that help tell the story of who they really are. You can find her here on twitter here on facebook

Imagine a world where you could significantly increase the number of visitors to your online dating profile.  Not only that, but those visitors (potential suitors no less) were more likely to be a good match for you? It would be a complete win-win, wouldn’t it? Well imagine no more, I’m going to let you into a little secret, well 5 secrets actually, which will help you improve your dating photos and help make them work for you, not against you, and significantly increase the number of visitors to your profile.  And who am I to help you with this?  I run the UK’s only dedicateddating photography business.

1. Approach a friend who is an amateur photographer

Trust me, as a photographer, I know there are loads of budding photographers out there in the wide world and some of those people are going to be amongst your friends.  You may not be aware of this but if you put a message out on Facebook asking if there are any friends who are into photography, I’d put money on the fact that some of them will get back to you.  By asking someone who has a half decent camera and an understanding of flattering light and poses, you’ll already be improving your photos massively.  They can worry about the technical side of things while you focus on looking great.

You will be able to do away with the blurry, dark profile photos that currently swamp your average dating site. Yours will be light, bright and in focus and will therefore stand out from the crowd.

2. Smile like you mean it

The most important thing you can do to improve your dating photos is be captured laughing and smiling. Choose a photographer friend who is fun and makes you feel relaxed. If they are good at what they do, they will have you laughing in no time and can capture some great, natural shots. Your genuine smile is the one thing that will attract people to your dating profile over and above everything else. 

3. Find some interesting props

Many people don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera and often hate having their photo taken (that includes many of my clients). Something that can help relax you and give you something to do with your hands are interesting props. Not only that, depending on the prop you choose, you can give away some vital clues about your personality and help share the story of who you are. My favourite props are hats; people look great putting them on, holding them or taking them off again. Other good props might include cameras (I would say that!), books, musical instruments, headphones, newspapers, etc. Make them relevant to who you are and the story you want to tell and you’re more likely to attract people who will be a good match for you. 

4. Choose your outfit well

If you’re wondering what to wear for your shoot, dress for confidence. What outfit makes you feel really good? Wear that. If possible, include some colour to make your photos really pop. The one thing I would say is to wear clothes that are well-fitting and by that I mean avoid anything baggy or anything too tight-fitting. Both these options look bad on camera. Bring a few different outfits so you can play around and experiment with some different looks. If you’re a woman, you can also play around with different hairstyles and lipsticks to create some different looks.

5. Do what you love

Another thing you can do to improve your dating photos is to be captured doing something you love. I have captured clients browsing market stalls, roller blading, cycling, reading, sitting in cafes etc.  If you’re doing something you love, you’re very likely to come across as happy and relaxed in the shot, which is exactly what you’re aiming for. 

And there you have it, my top tips for improving your dating photos right now. If you have any questions about the dating profile photos you are using, feel free to drop me a line at

The photo used above is one of Saskia's. To see more examples of her great work visit her site here: Saturday Nights Alright

Here at datemy we want all of our members to be successfully matched and the secret to success is having a profile that stands out! Thanks to our recent guest blogs from Caroline Brealey & Saskia Nelson you now know how to choose your perfect Matchmaker and you’ve selected some amazing photos to make your profile stand out. What next?

For Christmas we’ve teamed up with the UK’s leading dating expert James Preece.He'll make sure you or your Matchmaker has written a fantastic attention grabbing profile. You'll learn the secret of writing messages that get replies and how to use for maximum results! As well as this, James will work with you to make sure you’re ready to go out dating and answer any dating questions you may have.

These sessions are normally £125 each, but if you book through us you can get them at a special discounted price. So whether you want to treat yourself, or treat someone you know to a dating coaching session with the expert himself then please get in touch at

If you’d like any advice from us on how to make your profile stand out then we’d love to hear from you or your Matchmaker!


Most people dislike New Years Eve, the big build up, the anticlimax and the mass of receipts the next day. But it's got to be celebrated somehow, so we've scoured London and compiled a quick list of different places and ideas (with a little imagination) which should suit whatever NYE mood you're in this year.

1. Retro Blow Out NYE - Vintage Festival

Celebrate New Years by going back in time at Southbank Centre. Travel the 5-floor extravaganza of live music, stylish dining, beauty parlours and photo studios. And if that’s not enough there’s a private terrace so you don’t miss London’s NYE fireworks. Tickets start at £77.50

2. Budget NYE - Smiths

If you’re looking to avoid a hefty door entry then Smiths Spitalfields is the place, with a £5 entry fee. They’re hosting a night of DJ’s with House, Disco, Funk & Soul, as well as ‘the best piano entertainer in the world.’ If that strikes a musical chord in you then this is the night for you!

3. T Totel NYE - Dry Scene

Fancy being smug and clear headed on New Years day? This is London’s biggest alcohol free New Years night. Expect mocktails, Jazz and a booze free toast at midnight! 

4. Take me to the beach NYE - Tiki Party

Say Aloha to 2015! £10 is a small price to pay for a quick trip to Hawaii. Dress code is of course, Tiki grass skirts and loud Hawaiian shirts.

5. Beard lovers NYE - Timber

For theatre with a difference, Timber is a Circus stage performance celebrating family bonds and the tradition of logging in the Woodlands of Quebec (pictured above). Expect lots of lumberjacks - 1 of them we think could even be Santa. Where does he find the time?!

6. For all the family NYE - London Eye Skating

For family fun head to The London Eye Skate Rink to skate the day or night away. Great if you don’t get round to doing it before Christmas. But remember.. don’t drink and skate!

7. Superstitious NYE 

Did you know in Italy it’s considered good luck to wear red underwear on New Year's Eve? Wearing something red will give you good luck in love and relationships in the year to come. You’re welcome.

8. Bavarian Style NYE -  Bavarian Beer House

Fancy something different? Take your pick of 3 Bavarian Beers Houses for a night of German themed buffet, music and beer.   

9. Fine dining to my door NYE - Room Service

If you’re looking to avoid the taxi rush and people in general, but still want to enjoy some fine dining, then this is a good alternative! Equally, if you’re hosting a dinner party then this is the ultimate cheat ;)

10. Themed NYE - Breakfast Club

Head back to the 1950’s with this Breakfast club prom dance. Take your pick of Battersea, Spitalfields or London Bridge branches for the ultimate retro shindig.

11. Laugh out loud NYE - Angel Comedy

Laugh your way into 2015 at Angel Comedy, with Sunil Patel, Masud Milas, Nick Elleray and Barry Ferns among the acts. And it’s FREE... we’re laughing already!

12. So sophisticated NYE - The Booking Office

With a full string orchestra as your soundtrack to New Years Eve you’re bound to be swinging the night away. Dress code is 20’s swing, classy eh!

13. 24 Hour party NYE - 24 Hour Party

For the crazy in you. Party for 24 hours at the George Tavern to the likes of Jamie Lovatt. Expect to see Brit Pop and Rave Scene garb.

14. I hate NYE - Movie Marathon

The ultimate safe option. Snuggle down to a movie marathon. Take your pick from The Help, Back to the Future Part 111, Golden Eye. Not an anticlimax in sight! 

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