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Dating someone sounds easy but actually it is a complex thing. It is, even, trickier when we are dating someone through one of the best dating sites in the UK - Datemy. We all seek someone who can give us the best advice on how to do things, these bits of information can be a mix of opinions or perspectives from your Mum or Dad, sometimes your brother or sister, maybe your friends too.

Every woman takes this approach according to their ways, but here are some tips that are going to help you. And we hope that these ways might help guide you with how to date, especially from a man's perspective.

Women - Go and Ask

If you think it's the man who has to approach you always, then you should think again! Women can also make the first move to start any relationship.  Many studies reveal that men like women approaching them first at a bar or any social setting. As far as online dating is concerned, they feel overwhelmed when women message them first. In this way, they also feel trusted. So the next time you are feeling something about a guy, say it!

Be Honest

People say relationships are all about physical attraction. But is that the only thing? Attraction does matter in any such kind of bond, but it is also nurtured by honesty. It is one of the most important traits a man looks for in his potential partner. You should be honest about your feelings to your partner. And it makes your bond even stronger. 

Have an open-mind

The world will be a  better place if we listen to each other with an open mind. And dating is no different. If you show your interest in his conversation with he will do the same. You can share whatever you feel with an open mind. It helps you to check the compatibility from both sides.  Also, you both will get a chance to understand each other better.

Don't talk about the past

One thing that you need to avoid for sure is the past. this is a no no. We all have  faced some sour or bitter relationships, some incidents remain attached to our hearts and make us hesitant. But we have to overcome this sadness if we want to start over again. Many studies show that men like to talk about their interests and hobbies first and lastly on their past relationships.  And many stated that if someone raises this topic it only turns them off.

Be yourself - Be natural

Lastly, be yourself rather than showing what you're not. Sometimes we show interest in things we don't like just to try and impress. Some men want their romantic partner to like sports like football etc . Some are attracted to women with a big smile or eyes or something else. But in the end, being the woman who is herself and natural will serve you the best.


Finding your perfect match may be a little difficult but it is not impossible. Follow these simple tips, listen to what others say, and be open-minded. Things will work miraculously for you. And with Datemy, it is even more of a comfortable experience.



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