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Finding someone with the same interests or someone who is always there by your side is a want by many people seeking a relationship.  A single person might not be able to handle all the diverse situations but if you have someone standing beside you things become easier.  We all need someone to whom we can speak openly and trustingly to, someone who understands all our worries and problems and is by your side to help solve them. There are many online sites and applications available to help find your soulmate for you. Datemy is one such *dating website*  that helps you find your right match online. 

How datemy is helping divorcee's all over the UK to find their right match? Let's have a look.


Datemy lets you scroll the profiles of thousands of people on the site until you find your ideal match. You can also mark favorites to the profiles that match your interests. It has a two-way matching feature that suggests the right people. You can also use the search column to find your special one.

Easy contact service

This *Dating site* is a good chance for all the introverts out there. Many people feel shy talking to someone in person, but the new and improved datemy allows you to contact your favourite person using an easy messaging interface. It also maintains your privacy. This feature also provides the ease of talking to someone whenever and wherever you want. Many studies show that people are more expressive when they are chatting through messaging services. So keep chatting and interacting with people you like with datemy

Find people with your interests

We always get attracted to people whom we feel connected. Some of us have the same choice in music, many of us like the same colors or the same cuisines etc. With datemy, you can see what you have common with other people. It also recommends people who have common interests in your friend's list. It is one the best ways to find your ideal match with just one click.

You have the control

People hesitate using these sites as sometimes many fake profiles are also there, such people keep spamming your message inbox and you may face difficulties in accessing your account. With the new Datemy website you get a special feature to block or remove the members permanently from your list who do not meet your standards. Also, you can report unsavory members and block their accounts.

We also do our best to check fake profiles and remove them to improve your experience on the website. Datemy manually checks all the registered profiles and tries very hard to give you the genuine ones only.

To Summerise

There is no age limit to finding the love and connection you need. Being a single mother or father is as challenging as it gets and comes with many responsibilities ,when you have that special person with you,  things become easier. Datemy gives you the chance to find an ideal match and give a second chance to your love life. Dating is now much easier with datemy.

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In April, the Cut spoke to Debby Montgomery Johnson, a 60-year old victim of an online dating scam that cost her more than $1 million. “We talked about everything, we talked about kids … For me, looking back now, it was very therapeutic, because I could write so much more than I could ever articulate in speech,” she said of her romance with an “international contractor” that started on an online dating site.

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As many of us are using online dating apps it’s difficult to know what to ask and more importantly what NOT to ask when you are first getting to know someone.

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