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There are some things that are better not to count on the first date, especially if you want to keep dating that person and keep her/him from running. The first thing is to always choose the dating partner from authentic dating sites such as DateMy. Let’s see what not to say on the first date. Believe me this is gonna be an eye open for it till the end.

Never say these on the first date

If there is something uncomfortable and annoying for them it is to hear about your ex, especially on the first date. Avoid mentioning it and don't compare with the person you're dating. Nor is it a good idea to ask him/her about the girlfriends/ boyfriend he or she had, leave it for when they have more confidence. They say that first impressions are the ones that count the most. So it is best that you focus more on highlighting your qualities than your weak points.

It is not about pretending to be someone you are not, but also that you remove your list of defects from the first date. As much as your date attracts you and you would like to have something serious with your dating partner a little better, the idea is that you avoid sexual conversations the first time they are seen. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of it becoming a one night stand and that you never hear from it again. If you do not want your first dating partner run away during the first date, do not tell your partner if you have thought about the exact age in which you want to get married, how would be the wedding of your dreams, where you want to be given the engagement ring or how many children you want to have. 

How much do you earn?

This question will make you think that you are very superficial and that you are only interested in your money. You may prefer not to answer or feel uncomfortable doing so. You better not question it about your finances so soon. So you don't believe that what you are really looking for is a new credit card. So, if you are still searching for your first date, then remember two essential points. One, always choose the authentic free dating site and second, never ever do the mistakes that are stated below. 

Three golden tips to remember

Whoever says the first date is not difficult, is lying. It's like a kind of exam. You are nervous and want everything to go as you imagined. It has never been easy. Before you choose your dating partner from the date my mate and decide to organize the first date, remember these points. 

Order well for dinner

If you are invited to one of the most chic restaurants in the city, it is not for you to order a salad, but for you to enjoy your meal. 

Get interested in your talk - To create a sentimental relationship there is no better gift than attention.

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