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5 Rules For A Summer Romance from admin's blog

What is it about summer and love? Off the top of your head, you could probably think of 3 songs written about it. Summer of love, Summer of 69, Summer Nights. ;)

When the sunshine hits London or anywhere else in England people emerge out of the darkness as if they’ve been in hibernation. Not just hibernation in the sense of hiding from the cold, but literally hiding from dating prospects. The mood changes and suddenly we’re feeling more approachable. You’d think this would harbor more relationships, but in fact, it’s the opposite.

If we get into the boring stats, which actually aren’t boring they’re pretty interesting…according to our friends over at Facebook, (who obviously know a thing or two about our relationship status) across all age groups, the summer months are bad news for relationships. This means that there is no rise in budding relationships. Mainly because people are too busy having flings and enjoying the summer fun. And if you’re interested, the highest point of relationships is around February. Guesses as to why on a postcard.

So for those of you single this summer and about to set sail to more tropical escapes let’s set some ground rules. Most people who want a summer romance aren’t in the market for a relationship anytime soon.

  1.  1. Don’t get too involved

Ok, this is a tricky one. A lot of marriages and relationships have obviously sprung from holiday romances. But a lot of them haven’t, and this is because of the holiday mindset. There is always an end point and chances are you’re both aware of the shelf life. A carefree approach will help whatever happens.

  1.  2. Don’t expect it to happen

If you set your heart on a steamy holiday romance and it doesn’t happen, you’ll only come home disappointed. If you’re single, holidays aren’t all about searching for a fling of course. Enjoy some me time and the fling will come to you.

  1.  3. You have to be single


  1.  4. Cut ties

Unless there really is a future in it, do you really want to be Facebook friends? It’s far more romantic to part ways and flies off into the distance with an air of mystery.

  1.  5. Don’t talk seriously

       It’s good to get to know someone but do they really need your family history? No talks about the future, commitment or your past. This is an opportunity to be light hearted and talk about surface level things.


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